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Need some "me-time" while treating your little one to an engaging play session? Take them to our Drop-In Fun Play with Arts & Crafts! We'll entertain your children with toys, games, and crafts so you can enjoy some solo time. Come join the fun!

Drop In Fun

Time Slots:

Monday - 12-5:30pm
Tuesday - 12-5:30pm
Wednesday - 12:30-3pm
Thursday - 12-3pm
Friday - 12-5:30pm
Saturday - 3-5:30pm
Sunday - 12:30-5:30pm

*Please note that some sessions may be cancelled/postponed due to parties, special events and/or camps

200 baht per child - 1st hour
100 baht per child - Add. 30 min to 1 hour

Age: Suitable for all ages
*Under 3y requires at least 1 guardian

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