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600 THB per child


3 - 4 Y

* Maximum 15 kids per session *

When & Time


3:00 - 4:00 PM

Make Mindfulness Your Superpower (3-4yrs)

🧘 New Activity Alert! Self-awareness is a superpower. That’s why our 7-week program, Make Mindfulness Your Superpower, empowers kids (3 - 4 yrs) to thrive as their best self. Cecilia, a certified Mindfulness Teacher, will share life skills that help them flourish. From understanding emotions for calm encounters to learning techniques that improve relationships, we’ll boost confidence with hands-on fun. 🌱

🔸29 April (Concentration) Ground your busy mind using dance and crafts.
🔸6 May (Master Your Emotions) Raise emotional intelligence with art and music.
🔸13 May (Sensory Awareness) Use your senses to make better choices - like mindful eating.
🔸20 May (Connect with Nature) Learn how to self-soothe with Zen gardens and nature.
🔸27 May (The Power of Breath) Explore breathwork to stay centered and reduce anxiety.
🔸3 June (Breathe Better. Live Better.) Cultivate calmness using mindful games... and bubbles!
🔸10 June (Compassion) Understand different personalities. Think beyond yourself with goodwill.

📅 Mondays (7-week program: Join all or book solo sessions)
⏰ 3pm - 4pm
Learn more via Line 👉 @littlepeabkk

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